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The Border Collie breed has been a big part of our family and our lives for a very long time, Danielle is the 3rd generation in her family to own and love pedigree border collies with both her father and grandfather, owning  border collies before she was even born. At the age of 15 Danielle was given her very first border collie as a gift from her parents her name was Sasha this was the first dog she could call her very own and immediately took a very keen interest in Obedience training at a local club and it wasn't long before she was out competing regularly at obedience trials with Sasha, working as a team and proudly bringing home many trophies together. As time went by the interest of training and competing with dogs in different fields grew and Danielle started looking at other dog related sports to compete in, it was 1995 when Danielle first started showing dogs and the name "Sashdan" was first registered with Dogs Victoria, this name was made up of a combination of Danielle's name and the name of her first border collie "Sasha". 


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Over the years we have enjoyed many fun times with our dogs, I have enjoyed training and competing with them in Obedience, Herding, Endurance and Showing. 

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Danielle Inverno

Victoria, Australia.